Request a Care Package

If you are someone or if you have someone who is Active Duty and deployed in the following regions/areas only:

Middle East including Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait or other areas supporting Operation Enduring  Freedom or Operation Inherent Resolve (or anything else basically supporting the "War on Terror",


please contact us!  We want to ship to our Americans deployed to the Middle East, no matter where they are from here at home!!!  


Remember the important information we need:

  1. Your first and last name (no rank please)
  2. Your address (typically an APO, FPO, or PPO)
  3. Your estimated month returning from deployment so we know when to stop shipping care packages.
  4. Females - let us know so we can try to send you items that make you feel, smell and look pretty!

Please click the below link to request a care package to the Middle East or fighting the War on Terror in some fashion:



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