Donate Care Package Items

It is our mission to collect US Troop Supplies and Goodies while fund-raising so we can ship care packages to those in harm's way in the Middle East including Iraq, Afghanistan, and those supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Inherent Resolve.  


If you have items you would like to donate (see our list of items requested below) for care packages to our US Troops deployed in the aforementioned areas, please contact us as we are always in need of care package items and cannot keep up with the requests from our brave women and men.

Doing a collection drive is a lot of fun and can be done easily at your place of worship, your work, or even have your children get involved with a drive at their schools or for a merit project.

Please help us collect and send these items below!

***No Soup Cans/Magazines/Books/Hotel toiletries Please*** 

***No shaving creams, gels or sprays please as they are restricted depending on the country so we have stopped shipping them to reduce risk of our packages being sent back to us at our expense*** 

Items Requested and Appreciated:

• Protein/Energy Bars

• Protein Powder

• 5 Hour Energy Drink Products

• Mio Liquid Water Enhancer

• Rice Crispy treats
• Bagged tuna and chicken (tear-open pouches)
• Chewing gum/candy suckers etc.
• Dry roasted peanuts/mixed nuts
• Potato chips in cylinder or can

• Trail Mix

• Dried fruit
• Beef Jerky
• Baby powder
• Baby wipes

• Toothbrushes/Toothpaste

• Visine or Saline eye drops

• Chapstick 
• Crystal Light Drink Mix Individual Packets
• Powdered drink mix (Gatorade etc)
• Puffs/Kleenex 
• Hand sanitizer
• Sudoku/Puzzle/crossword books 
• Foot powder 
• Sunscreen (lotion only, no sprays)
• Skittles
• Swedish Fish
• Twizzlers
• Breakfast Bars 
• Slim Jim's 
• Ground Coffee 
• Tea
• Pumpkin Seeds 
• Sunflower Seeds

Deodorant (sticks only, no sprays)


Specialty Items for Women:

  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Moisturizing Bath Soap
  • Ladies Deodorant
  • Body Lotion
  • Emery Boards
  • Small Hand Mirrors
  • Shower Sponges/Loofahs
  • Body Wash
  • Q-Tips
  • Ladies hygiene products
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